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Our Programs

Pivot's programs bring together diverse communities around spiritual, professional, and relevant local issues. Our aim is to impart the tools and connections needed for lifelong pursuit of God in and through our work.

Rising Leader Impact Program focuses on next-generation leaders in Austin who desire to use their God-given gifts as they live out their faith in the workplace. Through deep discipleship training, relational connection, and individual mentorship, these servant leaders are equipped to better navigate the unique leadership challenges in today’s business sector and give back to our city. Monthly workshops provide in-depth spiritual development, personal stories from influential Christ-led business leaders, and a tight-knit community of like-minded peers. For more information, contact Susan Tolles.

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Workplace Fellowships are a catalyst for workplace and industry renewal through manifesting God’s presence in the Greater Austin area.  We help believers bring their faith to work through communities of like-minded colleagues, resulting in transformed lives and better workplaces. We support these fellowships (whether they’re informal gatherings or formal employee resource groups) with leadership coaching and tangible resources, including meeting spaces, finances, and curriculum. We help believers bring their faith to work by first bringing them together. For more information, contact Steve Teng.


For Senior Executive Leaders, our 18-month program offers deep connection as they grow in their faith and leadership journeys. The program includes authentic community, monthly meetings with rich content, ongoing mentoring by Pivot’s Executive Director, and opportunities to collaborate, using their God-given gifts to multiply Kingdom impact. For more information, contact TJ Morelli.

 Our desire is for each person in our community to cultivate

  • A vision for the abundant life (a life of spiritual thriving) in Jesus, and tools to pursue it from where they are

  • A vision for why their work matters to God and tools to integrate their faith and work

  • Lifelong Kingdom friendships/connections through the Pivot network 

  • A foundational understanding of today’s cultural dynamics and how to faithfully navigate them

  • A heart for local issues of injustice and poverty, seeking connections  to leaders serving in the areas where God has called them

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