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Executive Program Overview 2020-2022

First Executive Program Overview

This document provides an overview of our first Executive Program, from the original wording of our mission statement, to a basic breakdown/purpose for our 16 face-to-face meetings.

First Executive Program: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Lessons Learned

This document lists the general trendlines for the feedback we’ve received from our advisory team and our current program participants. It also lays out some of the key lessons learned by our Executive Director. 

List of Prospective Executives for 2023

This list is a compilation of people we’ve been referred to as possible executives for our next program (starting in Aug ‘23). We have no yet reached out to these individuals. Please pray for clarity and wisdom as we go about meeting with executives in the coming months. We will give you more details for this next Exec group during our November meeting.

Ministry Overview Slide Deck

This slide deck provides a detailed overview of Pivot’s current ministry plan. After two years of work in this space, we believe God has clarified and focused our future direction to best reach our city!

Understanding Pivot's Engagement in Workplace Fellowships

Steve Teng recently was asked to join a TekSystems group to talk about prayer. I’d encourage you to look at this video for two reasons: it is a strong example of what it looks like for Pivot to come alongside Workplace Fellowship Groups. Additionally, it’s a powerful teaching on the critical nature of prayer.

Excerpt from video: “Grace purchased our ability to come before the throne, to pray authentically. Anything you say with sincerity is a massive bold prayer… Prayer is conversation and communion with God.”

Financial Projections for Next 18 Months

This document presents a financial forecast for programming and operations growth through mid-2024.

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