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Pivot believes when Christ-led business leaders come together to grow in daily dependence and enjoyment of the Lord,significant Kingdom imagination and impact is unleashed. Our mission is to mobilize business leaders to Christ-led impact.

A letter from the Executive Director

Dr. Billy Graham once said, “I believe one of the next moves of God will be in the workplace.” As I’ve reflected on my last 20 years of leading in both the business sector and the church, I could not agree more with his statement. God wants to reach His children through us by using the leadership influence He’s given us.


Meanwhile, the city of Austin is becoming one of the most influential cities in the United States as it sets the pace in politics, education, and business development. When I think of the city in which God has placed us, one simple question comes to mind: as Christ-following business leaders, are we passionately representing Him to those who are right at our doorstep?


The tension caused by this question drove me to launch Pivot.


Pivot Leadership Group is a non-profit ministry that is designed to raise up Seasoned Business Leaders who will significantly impact God’s Kingdom, both in Austin and around the world.  A significant focus is also on Rising Leaders who are seeking to cultivate a Kingdom mindset as they grow as godly leaders in their families, careers and communities.

At Pivot, we know we are not meant to do this alone. Our desire is to impact God’s Kingdom by partnering with business leaders, churches, individuals, and non-profit organizations across the country. We believe collaboration and unity are foundational to effective ministry. Please read on to explore how Pivot will work, who will lead this ministry, how funding will be used, and how you can partner with us financially. 

Come join me as we do this together!

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T.J. Morelli

Executive Director

Pivot Leadership Group